Lay’s Potato Chips

Lay's Potato Chip Packet

Lay’s potato chips — everybody loves them. They satisfy the 4 pm and midnight cravings we have. But this seemingly innocent chip has contributed the obesity epidemic in the US and is doing just that here in India. Potato chips cause more weight gain that soda, ice cream and desserts in the, according to a The New England Journal of Medicine. salt and sugar, especially when combined with fat is addictive.

The ingredients for American Style Cream and Onion are: Potato, Edible Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt, Spices and Condiments(onion powder, parsley powder, pepper powder), Milk Solids, Cheese Powder, Wheat fibre, Starch.

Nutritionally Lay’s chips are devoid of anything valuable. The “edible vegetable oil” is most likely an inexpensive palm oil which is basically a trasnfat.

In the 60 gram pack there are 280 calories. That’s a lot of empty calories! If you are trying to lose weight or just be healthy then avoid this product. And if you need to get your chip fix remember the fat Americans and eat them only occasionally.

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