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Food Fuss

Kids – please stop watching Master Chef. Which one? – all of them! After making a simple but tasty salad yesterday, my son declared it was too GRAINY. Now, I want to know firstly — what that means, and secondly, how can a salad be grainy — there are no grains in it. My suitcases from my US trips are filled with food – much of it to have variety in our food, specifically salads. My son doesn’t like walnuts in the salad so I thought the sunflower seeds would be a nice touch and add some crunch and brawniness to the salad, and that they did. I asked him which “grains” he was tasting and he replied the nut-like ones.

Kids, and adults for that matter, are getting too fussy about food and one of the reasons is because of shows such as Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Iron Chef – shows where food made by amateur chefs are critiqued by professional chefs turned wanna-be celebrities. To get to their celebrity status they have to mean and nasty to the ones actually doing the work.

I love cooking shows, but these so called reality shows where people are thrown out and made to cry is not what I consider entertainment. It is just people being nasty to one another – and it scares me that these shows are so popular. Why do we like to see failure? Of course there are successes as well and we all feel happy for the ones who win the golden goose at the end, but these wins are visibly at someone else’s expense.

Do not refine your taste buds too much –you will be much happier this way. You should be able to tell when something is rotten, spoiled or poisonous – that’s it. If it requires salt or pepper – add it. If it has too much salt – eat more pasta or bread with it. If you notice that self declared critiques of food(not the pros) are people who do not cook, at least not on a regular basis. Kids and all of you that do not go into the kitchen regularly – you have no right to use the word grainy. Where did you hear that?

Those who actually cook are less critical of food, even after watching those shows. They know the hard work that has gone into cooking that meal. So, I will not make the salad too grainy next time, I know that it is not liked. But a tip for all of us — be kind, be thankful  to the people in your life that to bring you delicious, satisfying meals day in and day out.

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