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Real Thai Red Curry

I don’t know too many people who don’t like Thai food. Thai people really got it right when they combined lemon grass, galangal, basil, creamy coconut and a myriad of spices. If you regularly make Thai food from scratch, it becomes second nature — just like our Indian curries. However Thai food isn’t a food that we cook on a regular basis, so it seems very tedious. That’s where the Thai pastes and mixes come in handy. 

I had never tried the ready-to eat Thai curries since I thought there would be too many preservatives but one busy night I gave it try. Surprisingly there are no preservatives, at least they are not listed on the box. Here are the ingredients:

Coconut milk, pumpkin, water, bamboo shoot, red curry paste, fish sauce, indian oyster mushroom, red chilli, sweet basil, rice bran oil, sugar and kaffir lime.

I added some steamed broccoli to the curry for extra nutrition. There are only 320 calories in the entire packet, much of it being saturated fat because of the high coconut content. How does this product stay on the shelves so long without any obvious preservative? Most likely it nitrogen flushing, a safe preservation method, has been used.

The box feeds two people well, and don’t even think about diluting with water — it will ruin the taste. Add some fresh veggies to the curry and serve with brown rice. For larger appetites add a bowl of  Real Thai soup.

Bottom Line: This can definitely be an occasional meal for one of those days that cooking isn’t possible or you are just craving a taste of Thai. Add a few veggies for extra nutrients.

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