Team Real Food India

The Indian diet has changed drastically in the past 20 years and this has taken a toll on the health of our nation. In other parts of the world, the US in particular, obesity has become an epidemic, and for the first time in history the life expectancy of the next generation is less than that of their parents. We are making the same mistakes but at a much faster pace. We should understand the history of obesity and incorporate measures to combat it.

RealfoodIndia is comprised of a group of like-minded individuals who want to keep the public informed of the latest research, policies, and environmental changes in our food system in addition to having the goal of leading a healthy and happy life.

Rita Date

Rita Date founded (RFI) to create awareness about the health implications of obesity.

RFI sifts through the plethora of nutrition and health, research and reports relevant and timely pieces. Rita immigrated to India from the U.S. twenty years ago and has seen the lifestyle changes that have taken place in those years. India is making the same mistakes the U.S. made in terms of food, nutrition and lifestyle in the 1970s and 1980s, and the obesity epidemic has hit us but at a much faster pace. Educating the public on the outcome of this lifestyle is her main goal.

Seema Dr. Seema Sonis is a BAMS Ashtang Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Pune. She has done her post graduation in Dietetics and Nutrition as well as Ayurvedic Dietetics.

In addition to her thriving private practice in Pune, Seema spends a considerable amount of time working with NGOs giving nutritional advice to rural women, cancer patients and HIV patients. Seema has helped hundreds of patients to reach their ideal weight with healthy sustainable diets. She maintains her weight by doing her own housework and walking and just being happy.

Nishant Date Nishant Date is a junior in high school. He is not only the main recipe tester at RFI but a key researcher as well. His meticulous research in products has enabled RFI to delve deeper into product ingredients that affect our health.

Health and weight loss have become multi-billion dollar industries as a result of the obesity crisis. There is a vast amount of information and research that gets published every day. We sift through this info and bring you what is important, relevant and reliable.