Two Quick Snacks to Boost Your Mood

Dahi Parfait – Thick dahi with honey and muesli

These are all happy and healthy ingredients: protein from creamy strained dahi increases levels of pleasure-boosting neurotransmitters and its probiotics helps fight depression.

Honey is a spoonful of sweetness, with compounds that may fight depression by reducing inflammation in the brain.

Muesli gives it a crunch and increases satisfaction and makes for a complete meal. Layer dahi, add a spoon of honey and a spoon of muesli, repeat the layering and throw in some strawberries or oranges on top.


Banana-almond-flax smoothie

Cold, refreshing, and filling, this smoothie will give you an instant mental boost. The combination of potassium in bananas is a super stress-buster plus the  nuts and flaxseed are great source of omega-3s, which may help fight depression.

Put a banana, some milk, almond paste, a bit of flaxseed powder and some honey for sweetness  in the mixie and mix until desired outcome. Refrigerate and have later if you would prefer it cold.

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