What’s in that Brown Bread?

This is an example of how bread companies fool you. The cover says “Whole Wheat Brown Bread.”  Great you would think, except that when you read the ingredient list you realize that the product is not what is claims to be. If it looks brown and has the word “wheat” in the name, it does not mean that the bread has lots of fiber and is whole grain.

Let’s examine the ingredients:
Wheat four, whole wheat flour, sugar, yeast, iodized salt, edible vegetable oil, soya flour, gluten, malt product.

Wheat flour is white flour or maida and there is more of it in this product than the next ingredient which is whole what flour — the atta with which we make our chapatis. When people see the cover they think that they are buying whole wheat bread but in fact they are just paying more for the same white bread. At least some atta is being used is what you may be thinking but the percentages are not specified and probably for a good reason. If they were using significant amount of whole wheat flour they would let you know. Making actual 100% whole wheat bread is not difficult but the taste and texture of the bread is not accepted as yet – the bread is dense because this wheat germ and bran that is retained add weight to the dough.

To get the colour brown often times caramelized sugar is added, compounding the unhealthiness of the bread.

Which oil is being used is also not specified.

Bottom Line: It is difficult to find healthy breads in India but in any case bread should not be a large part of your diet. Don’t waste your money on brown breads which are basically the same maida bread with just a bit of atta thrown in to make it look healthy.