Will Those Jeans Fit in 21 Days

Our PM has given us 21 days. 21 days to stay at home.

How are you coping? There are 2 ways one can go –brood and complain or take it as an opportunity.  Remember all the times you said — ”if I had more time I would exercise, get in shape, cook healthier.” Well, now you have 21 days at your disposal — an ideal time to inculcate healthy habits in your routine.

Easy, right? Well, not exactly. For many, being at home for long periods of time makes one turn to food. Food is entertainment; it is something to do, takes away boredom not to mention the accessibility of the kitchen. Unfortunately, if you go down this road you are bound to add on kilos, and inches to your waistline. Our wardrobes at the moment comprise of comfortable sweatpants or leggings, even if you are using video chats for work, no one sees your comfortable bottoms. You have nothing to gauge your weight!

There is only one way to combat this — STOP eating mindlessly. Make a meal plan and stick to it. Some form of intermittent fasting is good to implement right now but forget about the intermittent fasting hours and ratios that you have read about. Follow 2 simple rules.

1. Eat 3 meals a day and do not put anything in your mouth in between these meals. Okay, maybe a cup of tea in the afternoon, but no food with it. One biscuit(which you should not be behaving in the first place) or khakra slowly becomes two!

But I’m hungry, you say. No you are not – you are bored and your bored mind is tricking you into actually feeling hungry. Few of us reading this have experienced true hunger. The dictionary describes hunger as “the painful sensation or state of weakness caused by the need for food.” Are you in pain? Feeling weak? Probably not. Have you noticed that these hunger pangs don’t come when you are immersed in a good book or project?

2. The quality of food is also important. If you are eating junk foods, processed foods, anything made with maida chances are you will feel good when eating them but will not be satiated, meaning you will soon be hungry again. You need to eat nutrient-dense foods – foods that give you the most vitamins and minerals per calorie. You need all of the following but in order of importance are vegetables, fruits, whole grains and some protein. It’s okay to indulge in desserts occasionally.

There is time to cook now – try and make your favourite foods less calorific. There are plenty of resources on the web to cook with less oil and fat. Take it as a challenge.

Remember, during wartime, each citizen had to step up and do his or her part to help the war effort. We are currently at war with a very dangerous enemy. Boost your immunity with good food – it will help you stay healthy and out of the hospitals which is the need of the day. Take this occasion to help your country by becoming healthier citizens.

Think of the champions in this crisis – medical personnel, sanitation workers, the army, the police, truck drivers, and many more who continue to serve us. They don’t get to stay at home and are having trouble getting food when working since all restaurants and street food vendors closed.

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