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5 Ways to Reduce Trigycerides


Here are 5 ways to keep your triglycerides in check.

1. Keep carbohydrates to only one-third of your plate. Starches such as bread, rice biscuits, fruit, starchy vegetables, (potatoes, corn, peas and sweet potatoes) pasta and rotis can raise TG levels so eat a balanced diet. Healthier carbs such as vegetables and fruits and proteins should fill up your plate.

2. Get Omega-3s. Omega-3 fats, found in fatty fish, are heart healthy fats that lower both cholesterol and TG levels. Fish such as salmon, mackeral, sardines have plenty of these. Vegetarians can find them in flaxseeds which can be added to salads or made into chutneys.

3. Eat balanced meals. For optimum levels of TG do not skip meals.


4. Be a healthy weight. Being overweight can lead to high TG levels, but research has shown that even when physical activity is combined with even a small weight loss it can reduce TG levels in many people. Your BMI (body mass index) is an indicator of healthy weight.

5. Be active. Physical activity is another way you can control your TG levels. Even low intensity activities such as walking can lower your TG levels. Aim for 60 minutes of moderate intensity aerobics activity on most days of the week. Limit screen time to 2 hours per day.

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