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French Kids Learn About Food

You would think the French already know how to eat well. They are not taking their reputation for granted however. A year long exhibition at Cite-Sciences (City Science Museum) in Paris titled Bon Appétit is showcasing food. Yes, food. Food as art, nutrition, culinary skills, evolution of food culture and the importance of eating healthy with the family and more are explored at the exhibition aimed at children 9-14. The French are known for their superior knowledge and practice of gastronomy but feel that the coming generations are bombarded with fast food, lead a more sedentary lifestyle and are losing the Frenh tradition of leisurely meals with family . The exhibition allows kids to understand the importance of healthy eating through interactive games, films and demonstrations.There are two brilliant short films made for the exhibition available online to watch with your kids. One film shows us the complications of feeding the world and the other explains the dangers of eating in front of the television. Both films made by Denis van Waerebeke use simple animation and step by step approach to demonstrate how the problems arise.

Watch these short films with your kids…

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