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  • Rita Date

Healthy Eating and the War on Obesity

The Indian diet has changed drastically in the past 20 years. This change is taking a toll on  the health of our nation. In other parts of the world, the US in particular, obesity has become an epidemic and for the first time in history the life expectancy of the next generation is less than that of their parents.

We are making the same mistakes but at a much faster pace. We should understand the history of the obesity problem and incorporate measures to combat it.

Realfoodindia gives you the information you need to make better food choices. How food is made, where it comes from, and the people responsible for growing it are all important parts of the food chain.

Realfoodindia is a group of like-minded individuals who want to keep the public informed of the latest research, policies and environmental changes in our food system.

Your voice matters. We welcome your ideas and pitches through the contact page on the site.

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