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Mango Diet

I love mangoes but who doesn’t. Actually I do know a few weird people who do –I think they must have some deep psychological trauma.

A cut mango is the best dessert, best snack, best breakfast and lunch food. I usually am not in India during April and May and when I return early June I attack. My ideal lunch is a vegetable soup which is just a bunch of veggies cooked and taken through the mixer, and a couple of cut mangoes.I actually lost a couple of kilos while on this regimen for 2 weeks. Of course I was good during the rest of the day as well.

Eliminating grains perhaps helped but there is no real magic — I was just eating less calories. Mango is highly satisfying and is quite filling as well.

The mind feels like it has been treated and there is no more search for other satisfying foods. My only worry is what will I do when the season ends. I keep buying mangoes in bulk fearing that they will be the last of the lot but then I go again to the fruit seller and voila — a new batch has arrived.I am going to make the best of it while it last.

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