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Want Apples, Buy Indian

apples indian

Indian apples have one important factor in their favour – taste. Yes, believe it or not the taste of the Indian apple beats any foreign counterpart. Take a taste test and you will discover that you have not only been wasting your money but taste buds as well. I try to buy local but at times visual temptation gets the best of me. The other day it got to the best of my driver and he thought I would be so happy that he brought home bright red apples although they were Rs. 30 per kilo more than the Indian variety. I didn’t think much of it – you have to be flexible when someone else is buying fruit for you. But when I bit into the apple I was surprised at the lack of taste. It was hard and crunchy but flavorless. The entire kilo was the same. I experimented for a month and found that the foreign apples lacked in flavor and sweetness. Indian apples were far superior. They were tasty, crunchy and quite sweet.

Bottom Line: Save your money, decrease your carbon footprint and satisfy your sweet tooth – buy Indian apples!

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