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  • Rita Date

Want Apples, Buy Indian

Fruit vendors carry a variety of apples. New Zealand and Washington apples seem to be popular items on stands these days. Washington apples are bright red and New Zealand apples are perfectly wrapped in soft net wrapping. How can the home grown variety which are neither colourful nor packaged compete with them?

Indian apples have one important factor in their favour – taste. Yes, believe it or not the taste of the Indian apple beats any foreign counterpart. Take a taste test and you will discover that you have not only been wasting your money but taste buds as well. I try to buy local but at times visual temptation gets the best of me. The other day it got to the best of my driver and he thought I would be so happy that he brought home bright red apples although they were Rs. 30 per kilo more than the Indian variety. I didn’t think much of it – you have to be flexible when someone else is buying fruit for you. But when I bit into the apple I was surprised at the lack of taste. It was hard and crunchy but flavorless. The entire kilo was the same. I experimented for a month and found that the foreign apples lacked in flavor and sweetness. Indian apples were far superior. They were tasty, crunchy and quite sweet.

Bottom Line: Save your money, decrease your carbon footprint and satisfy your sweet tooth – buy Indian apples!

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