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  • Rita Date

Write it Down

Had a fight, worried about those stocks you invested in or just overwhelmed with the to-do list? Put stress down with a pen and paper. Recent research suggests expressive writing can be a therapeutic and positive way to deal with stress. Writing will also boost your self esteem and reduce symptoms of depression

Researchers suggest keeping a daily journal can be a simple way to clear the mind of any troubles. Writing down emotions before a test has shown in one study to even boost exam performance in students. It’s a private way to solve problems and is an avenue of creative expression as well. It can be a form of meditation.

One study found journaling, as it is formally known, to encourage a positive body image and improve self-appreciation among young women  Journaling is not just venting out your problems but a way to let yourself know how good things really are. Record all your achievements big and small –there are many more than you think.

Starting is easy — all you need is a pen and small notepad or computer. There are even online programs for journaling, is one of them. Not sure what to write first — try jotting down all the good things that happened in the day. After that you won’t be able to stop…

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