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Benefits of Crab Curry

I love crab. The succulent meat that this hard shelled creature makes it one of our family favorites. It was not always like this, I waited for my children to grow to actually bring crab home. When they were younger they used to cringe at anything seafood, after all its mom’s favorite, and mom never knows best. But now they have come their senses and realize that the sea is a source of culinary treasure.

Another reason I never cooked it at home is that it is torturous to take out crab meat and not eat it, even if it is for those that have lived in me for nine months. The three of us, my two children and I love to sit around the table leisurely eating crab. It is a great way to bond and get out some unusual information from your children. My 11-year old son pretends the crab legs are weapons and plays with them during the meal. My teenager takes pride in getting out the meat and leaving the shells clean.My husband however does not have the patience to take out crab meat and I have emphatically told the poor guy that it is difficult for me to take out meat for others.

To each his own I say, for the fingers are just not enough to get the meat. Nails, tongues and sucking action are all needed. If I suck for the meat then it goes in my stomach, period. I make sure that there is some other filling food for him to eat and something to satisfy his sweet tooth. He enjoys giving us company at the dinner table and watches us with awe as we make it our mission not to leave any meat behind.

Crab parties with friends are also fun. There has to be sitting room at the table for everyone so usually it is restricted to a cozy eight people. I highly recommend cold beer as an accompaniment with the crab curry. It goes better than wine or any mixed drink. Long conversations, serious, frivolous and humorous all take place over the course of the long laid-back meal. There is no service required, the spread is on the table and people are just de-shelling and eating.Dry crab curry should be eaten plain with chapatti and a cooked vegetable if absolutely necessary, otherwise just crabs will do. Wash it down with a cool sweet lassi and the meal is complete.

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