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Cup or Mug?


The tea is usually strong, milky and sweet giving you an energy boost. The amount of tea in these glasses is approximately 40 ml. The tea cups in our home vary in size but in general a tea cup at home will hold about 50ml. Most of people drink a cup of tea (or coffee) in the morning, a cup in the late afternoon and sometimes in the late morning at the office. So that would make no more than 150ml of tea per day. Each 50 ml cup of this milky sweet tea is about 60 calories and you would be consuming 180 calories of tea per day.

tea cup

Have you changed from cups to mugs in your home? If so, you may have seen some unexpected weight gain. These large mugs were designed by tea made with tea bags where you require less milk and sugar. In the end it’s all about portions. Think about how many tea calories you are consuming. Make our Indian chai and enjoy it in your old cup and saucer set!

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