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Everyday Soup

My cook happens to think she is my nutritionist and health consultant. She is constantly giving me tips on how to lose weight, what foods are good for me and how I have to move more in the house in order to lose weight. Of course oil is good for the bones to move and that is why she uses it generously.

Mausi as we call her is also on the heavy side and is constantly trying to shed a few kilos. Her latest fixation is eating soup for dinner. I do not usually follow her advice but the soup idea got me curious and she made a bowl to try. The soup consists of only vegetables, no stock. It is basically boiled vegetables pureed in the mixer and surprisingly I liked it! It is a great way to get my daily dose of vegetables without too much thought.

I have begun to have it every night. Ok – it does not always fill me up and I do have a bit of what is made for dinner but my quantity of other food has drastically reduced. It is the easiest soup around with no exact measurements or chicken stock. You can ask your cook to make it without any help required from you. The soup in on the thicker side, meant to be filling and not a watery clear soup. Here is a sample recipe but feel free to experiment and make substitutions.

Pure Vegetable Soup Ingredients: 2 cups of cut vegetables –there is always some type of squash in the soup(lauki, red pumkin or both), half potato, half onion, half tomato, and any other vegetable I may have in the house to make up 2cups. 2 pods garlic Salt Pepper

Directions: Add all the vegetables, salt, pepper, and garlic into pressure cooker with ½ cup water. After one whistle remove. When vegetables are cooled, puree in the mixer. Cook for 2 minutes on low flame. Makes one bowl.

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