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Farmlite Biscuits

Mis-labeling at its best — I was quite irritated when I saw the new biscuit from Sunfeast, a company owned by ITC. They had some samples at the Crossword Bookstore of Farmlite Oats and Raisins biscuits. Along with the samples was an information pack on health called “Farmlite Healthy Kids — Fun Ways to Get Healthy”

There are two types of biscuits – Oats & Raisins and Oats & Almonds. Sunfeast wants you to think you are eating biscuits made with the goodness of oats but this is not the case. In addition to deceiving you into thinking that these are healthy oats biscuits the company is giving information on health leading you to believe that these biscuits and the Farmlite brand are actually concerned about your health. The packaging is slick with golden raisins, wheat kernels, and oat flakes surrounding the biscuit.

Here is the truth:

Ingredients in the Oats & Raisins variety:

Wheat flour, edible vegetable oil, oat flakes, sugar, raisins, liquid glucose, corn flakes coarse, milk solids, raising agents, baking powder, invert syrup, edible common salt, and emulsifier

Contains permitted natural colours, artificial flavouring substances : Milk and Vanilla, Natural flavouring substances: Butter


  1. Wheat flour is maida. Atta would be written as “whole wheat flour.”

  2. The second most prominent ingredient is some unknown oil.

  3. Oat flakes are used so the texture has some crunch.

  4. The biscuit is brown from the permitted colouring used.

  5. Sugar and glucose syrup make this a sweet substance

Crunchy and sweet, the biscuit tastes great but there is no recognizable oats in the taste. In one biscuit there were 3 tiny dried up raisins. I am sure the same will be for the almond variety. The company blatantly is mis-labeing its product so that the buyers think they are getting a healthier product.

Bottom Line: Avoid. Make these Oatmeal biscuits/cookies — instead.

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