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  • Rita Date

Fatty Foods Like Drugs?

The truth is out. All those fatty foods I used to love and could not seem to stop eating were actually similar to cocaine. They were addictive. Scientists confirmed that foods such as bacon, chocolate cake, and macaroni and cheese as delicious as they are, indeed have the same addictive properties like cocaine.

Scientists at Scripps Research Study have found that the behavior of rats change when given unlimited high fat food. The dopamine levels dropped in these same rats. A similar reaction happens in humans when they are addicted to cocaine or heroin.What does it all mean? Some therapeutic drugs are used to help in drug addiction and now they will develop drugs to aid in junk-food addiction.

I crave carbs or high fat foods at time and when I was a teenager ate high fat foods on a regular basis but I changed to healthy eating because I realized that it was better for my weight loss and overall health. I don’t think a drug would have helped me. It is a decision to change and you can still indulge in high fat foods from time to time so you do not feel deprived of them. This will not result in an addiction.

I hope this is not the precursor for another drug that the pharmaceutical companies will peddle to the consumer….

Read more about the research here.

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