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Flat Stomachs, Over Easy

Wake up and smell the proof: People with a history of skipping breakfast have larger waists — by a whole 2 inches, than those who eat in the morning. This is according to research in the American Journal of Nutrition. If you pass on breakfast you may binge later, the study warned. In addition to extra calories, over time this can cause your body to store more fat.

Protein is key factor in the body’s ability to stay full so aim for about 10-15 grams of protein(lean, of course) for the a.m. meal. Two eggs with one pulka(it’s better than bread and can give you another gram of protein and fibre), A cup of dahi with fruit, dosa with  peanut chutney, and oatmeal with some milk and walnuts are some good examples.

Here are some options:FOOD ITEMPROTEIN CONTENTCALORIESOne egg6 grams80One cup oatmeal4 grams110One cup lowfat milk8 grams90One cup dahi10 grams110One dosa8 grams300Two idlis2.5 grams140Chila made with one cup yellow moong dal7 grams150One plain paratha4 grams120One cup sambar12 grams300

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