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Food Competitions

I recently read about a “Dessert Eating” competition promotion for a local bakery/bistro. Yes, I was appalled — my first reaction. The thought of being rewarded for stuffing your face is terrible.

On the other hand, I have been in marketing and promotions before and I know that coming up with new ideas that work are the key to success. The bakery cum coffee shop is fairly new and is trying get noticed. This new concept in town may attract young college or high school kids.

Then I came to my senses. With the growing problem of obesity in India that I keep harping about, this type of promotion encouraging people to gorge on the maximum amount of cream, sugar and fat as possible is disappointing. It sounds like an innocent and fun promotion but it isn’t. I just hope this is not another trend we follow from the US which has numerous food competitions such as all you can eat hot-dogs and pies. Competitive eating is dangerous leading to extended stomachs, choking and it’s plain disgusting.

Although there is no way we can control private enterprise such as bakeries we can educate our kids and let them know that desserts are to be eaten occasionally in small quantities. Luckily there is a competition entry fee and even a fee to watch the event which will limit the number of people.

Although I do not agree with this promotion, I wish the establishment overall business success.

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