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Freshly Baked Cookies

“Freshly Baked” is a new brand of cookies marketed by the Future Group of companies — Big Bazaar, Central, and Pantaloons are all a part of the Group’s retail ventures. The company has a large influence in what India is eating.

Cashew, Chocolate Chip, Coconut and Butter are the flavours launched and currently they are being sold in a 2-for-1 bundle packaged together for Rs. 80/-. They are prominently displayed at the front of the store in attractive boxing which are back to back — one cannot check the nutrition labels.

The ingredient list however is on available and that was all I needed to know that is not a product I recommend. After “refined wheat flour” which is a fancy name for maida comes edible vegetable oil and shortening. Shortening is dalda which is a trans fat and the fact that which oil is not specified, chances are that it means that it is a low quality palm oil. All the flavours have similar basic ingredients along with their different flavourings.

Next on the ingredient list is permitted flavouring and colourings and last is cashews nuts. These cookies are high in sugar, carbs and are calorific — approximately 50 calories — all empty,  per cookie. Bakers Inn Global Pvt. Ltd. in Secunderbad is the manufacturer.

Taste is matter of opinion and my opinion is that chocolate chip cookie is just not very good. It is more of a chocolate biscuit than a chocolate chip cookie. The cashew flavour was slightly better but still not that great.

Bottom Line: Avoid.

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