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Gits Basundi

Basundi is a sweet that seems easy to make — just keep boiling the milk until it reduces down to half the quantity and become thick. There is no frying, shaping  into a perfect molds, or even exact measurements needed. It’s simple enough, except have you ever just stood in front of a stove watching something boil for a long time? It may be easy but it is no fun. You have to pay attention and keep stirring. It takes a bit of time and patience.

For those who do not have the time or inclination Gits’s readymade Basundi Mix is not a bad option — you can avoid all the hassles of milk reduction.

The ingredients are:

Milk solids, Sugar, Starch & Cardamom

Ideally there should be no starch but then there would be no “instant” in the mix — it is needed for thickening. The company claims that there are no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Their website explains that their packaging technology allows for preservation of the product.

Bottom Line: Basundi is a high fat, high sugar dish so you shouldn’t be having this often in the first place. It should be reserved for special occasions. Using this mix occasionally is ok.

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