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Haldiram’s “Baked Bites” Cookies

Having the term “baked” on a product box makes the food seem healthy, and that’s exactly what food companies want you to think. Haldirams “Baked Bites” is great name for cookie products — but aren’t all cookies baked?

Yes, all cookies are baked but the term “baked bites” makes you think you are eating something healthy and just a “bite” of it.The packaging cover is excellent and the box makes it a premium brand. Enough of marketing banter — let’s get to what is in these cookies.

Jeera Cookies

Ingredients(always in order of quantity):  Wheat flour, which is maida.  Hydrogenated vegetable oil which is TRANS FAT — something that is supposed to be banned. Sugar and salt. Custard powder. Artificial flavours and colours (the list is a bunch of letters and numbers). Soy Lecithin. Finamul. Sodium Bicarbonate. Ammonium Bicarbonate. Whole cumin. Butter Essence and Cumin Essence.

There is absolutely nothing good in this!!! Absolutely no nutritional value.

The cookies are high in sodium, fat and carbohydrates. And what makes it worse is that it is very calorific — four cookies have 210 calories.

Atta Cookies

This product contains “whole wheat flour” which is atta as they mention. The rest of the ingredients are similar. Trans fats, sugar, salt, preservatives and colouring.

There are 165 calories for four cookies, a bit less, but still nothing good in the cookie. Having some atta mixed with all the other trans fat and preservatives does not make this product healthy.

Bottom Line: Avoid

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