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Instant Crab Cakes

My mother kept asking me what the crab cakes are missing. “Nothing, they are great,” I kept telling her. Even my father who thinks more spice makes food better said they were good as is.

Creamy and tender on the inside and firmly coated with breadcrumbs on the outside they really were good. My cook makes fish cakes with left over fried fish and it just has too much garlic and ginger. I suppose they are Indian cutlets and not “cakes.”

The crab cakes were made in about 15 minutes, a special unexpected lunch treat. Canned crabmeat is not easily available in India. But this recipe can be made with fish meat that is boiled or the imitation crab meat that is found in the frozen section of the grocery store.


Crab Cakes

Ingredients Crab Meat – ½ cup Freshly ground mustard – 1/4 tsp Worcerstire Sauce – 1 tsp Tabasco Sauce – 1 tsp Stone ground pepper – 1 tsp Egg – 1 Green onions – 2 stalks, chopped Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp Oil for shallow frying Salt to taste Breadcrumbs – ½ cup

Directions: Mix all the ingredients except breadcrumbs. Make flat balls about ½ inch thick. Coat with breadcrumbs and pan fry until golden brown. Makes about 6 cakes.

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