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Kellogg’s Chocos

Every kid (adults too) loves Chocos. I hate to be the one to burst the bubble but eating boxed cereal on a regular basis is neither good for kids or adults.

Ready to eat cereal is convenient, tasty and filling. It is also one of the major causes of obesity in the US today. In the 1930s all the fiber was eliminated from the whole wheat to make the cereal softer.  Then sugar was added to make it appealing to children.

The ads and packaging for this product would have you believe that Chocos was healthy with claims of “high protein,” “made with whole grains,” and “high in calcium,” just to name a few Let’s examine the ingredients to see if this is actually true.

The first ingredient is ‘whole wheat flour(29%)’, the second is wheat flour, aka maida. This means 29% of the wheat used is whole grain and the remaining amount of grain is maida. And the product is made primarily grain.

Sugar is the third ingredient — this means that there is a lot of sugar! Cocoa solids, followed by ‘edible vegetable oil.’ This essentially means that the cheapest oil available is used. After this ingredient a bunch of preservatives follow.

The nutrition information on the back of the box includes the nutrition when low fat milk is added and we all know that milk has good nutrients such as calcium and protein. Moreover it is confusing — the plain cereal nutrients are for a 100 gram serving and when they are including the milk it is a 30 gram serving of the cereal. Does this make sense?

Kelloggs is trying to make you think this is a healthy breakfast. The proof is on the weighing scales of US who has been eating boxed cereal for generations.

Bottom line: On occasion this cereal is ok, but do not include it in your daily diet. There are so many other things you can eat without spending too much time in the kitchen. Homemade besan ladoos with milk, lowfat chewda, and fresh and dry fruits  with milk are some options.

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