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I picked a few ready-made lassis on the supermarket shelves today -Danone and Amul have introduced both sweet and salty varieties.

Lassis are a great way to fill up and get the calcium and protein your body needs. These tetra pak products are ideal when you are travelling and need some refreshing and filling snack, but do not have them on a regular basis.

Here’s why:

  1. The salted variety has loads of sodium. There is 470mg per serving of sodium. By per serving I mean each tetra pack of lassi. There are conflicting ideas about how much sodium is too much, but having 470mg in one drink is definitely too high – those with hypertension have to be especially careful.

  2. The sweet variety is expected to have sugar and it does – 24grams per pack. This is approximately 6 teaspoons of sugar – this is a lot of sugar for one drink.

Making homemade lassi is easy – just beat some dahi/curds/yogurt and add sugar or salt and you have lassi — lassi with much less sodium and sugar than the tetra paks. You can pack it in a thermos for your lunch or snack.

Bottom Line: These products are good when you are travelling offering good nutrients such as calcium and some protein, but do not have them regularly.

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