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  • Rita Date

Lotte Choco Pie

The packaging is slick and as a matter of fact I always used to pass them by thinking they are some expensive foreign brand. They are actually made by the Lotte Food Corporation based in Chennai. The pies are individually packaged and easy to put in your child’s lunch tiffin. At only Rs.10 per pie it is affordable and kids seem to like them- but what’s in them?

This product actually declares it has transfats.The packaging states “Hydrogenated vegetable oil used — contains trans fats.” The ingredient list is as expected with many preservatives — how else would they have a shelf life of over a year? Each choco pie at 28grams each is about the size of a Marie biscuit, and contains 123 calories. It has no nutritional value.

Bottom Line– Avoid. Spread some Nutella on a biscuit instead — this is still calorific but has some nutrition.

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