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Masoor Beej Smackys Snacks

I was happy to have picked up a healthy packaged snack at Godrej Nature’s Basket. I only bought one type to try it out but will definitley buy others.

Smackys is a brand of snacks which are manufactured by Roasty Foods India Pvt. Ltd. based in Jaipur. They have the tag line “guilt free.”  And I happy to report that according to the labels of the product they are just that. Basic healthy ingredients are roasted and  in the mixtures — and there are many to choose from such as Masoor with pumpkin seeds, bajra, spicy channa, soybean masala.

The Masoor Beej is a mixture of masoor dal and watermelon seeds. These seeds are high in protein and have plenty of vitamins and minerals but they are calorific. All the calories however are basically good calories. In a 100 gram serving there is about 5 grams of protein(an egg has 6 grams). 

A 100 grams of the mixture(about three-fourths of the bottle) is 367 calories so don’t eat them mindlessly.

Bottom Line: A healthy snack

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