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Nourish Organics & Fab India Health Bars

Amla bar ingredients:

Amla Candy (36%) Raisins (28%) Cashew Nuts (16%) Almonds (14%) Honey & Pumpkin Seeds

Apricot Bar ingredients:

Apricots (51%) Honey (15%) Almonds ( 11%) Sunflower Seeds (10%) Buckwheat (6%) Flax Seeds (6%) Pumpkin Seeds

All wholesome. Here are a few things to keep in mind

  1. There is some sugar in amla candy.

  2. Each 30 gram bar also has 24 grams of carbs and about 150 calories which is high for those watching their weight. Never have more than one at a time.

  3. The protein content is very small. The apricot bar has less than one gram and the amla bar has about 1.5 gram of protein. The Indian diet is already carb-heavy.

  4. Pricey at Rs.70.

Fab India Date bar

Fab India Health Bars are made by the same company and available for the same price and same ingredient make up. It has two varieties — Date with Lime and Apricot Raisin.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent bar for athletes. The carbs provide needed energy and all the ingredients are wholesome with no added artificial flavors or preservatives. It is good snack for all of us when travelling or on the run. Eating this as your mid-morning or evening snack is a healthy alternative to other fried or sugar based snacks.

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