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  • Rita Date – Organize your Recipes

Do you find your recipes on the internet. With so many sites offering excellent recipes it’s easy to get lost in the world wide web. I usually find a recipe and think I will remember where I got it from, but of course the next time I get around to making the same dish I have no clue where I had found the same recipe.

Individual sites do have personalized databases where you can store your recipes but then who remembers if the recipe was from, or is a new app that allows you to store all your recipes in one place. Pepperplate even formats the recipes from the url that you found the recipes and all for free. I am not writing a an ad for them — I am just so excited that all my recipes can be in one place so easily. Even the manual entry is very easy.

The site offers much more like shopping lists, menu creation and planning but I haven’t got to those as yet.

So don’t lost with spending so much time looking for that special recipe you found somewhere but no sure where on the net — just download it to pepperplate!

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