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Pride of Cows Milk

With several newspaper reports on local milk adulteration it was time to explore different options. At Rs. 75/- a litre, Pride of Cows is premium milk. The company claims no adulteration, no antibiotics and no human interaction with its product — it comes directly from farm to home. The milk comes in one litre bottles and there is no need to boil and cool it, just open the bottle, pour and drink, making it extremely convenient.

Creamy and fresh, this milk simply tastes wonderful. There is one catch however — the fat content in the milk is high. Full fat milk is classified as milk having 3.5% milk fat which this milk has. The tetra pak milk such as Nestle and Amul come with different fat contents including low fat varieties. The local milk that comes in plastic bags is a segment of milk that is not uniform. I always advise clients to boil milk the previous day and take out the layer of cream from the milk before consuming it. Milk fat can cause an increase in cholesterol and weight gain, which adds to another host of problems. I know you are thinking that you were bought up on full fat milk as a child — but do you remember sitting in front of the computer for hours at a stretch as a kid? Most likely you were cycling to school and moving much more. Chances are that you weren’t eating as much fast food and frequenting restaurants as much either. This is why we cannot afford to drink full fat milk anymore.


That said, it was difficult to keep Pride of Cows long term for me. In our household we consume a lot of dairy — milk, dahi, buttermilk, filter coffee(takes a lot of milk), paneer, and sometimes payasam/kheer. We were gaining weight! My son really loved the milk so I made a compromise and kept one litre on alternate days for him to drink. I recommended to the company to reduce the fat content and then they would have a winner product.

Bottom Line: This product is for those who can afford to have milk fat in their diet.

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