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Veg-It Burger Patties


Veg-It sounds very healthy – the concept being that vegetarian food is healthy. Let me point out that vegetarianism is better for you if you are eating vegetables, a lot of them and a variety of them – healthy vegetarianism is not just absence of meat.

There is a variety of Veg-It instant food products on the market– in the stores they usually have a whole shelf filled with this brand. There is sabudana vada, alu bonda, cheese balls, and falafel to name a few.

There is a 3 step process to make the burger pattie. First you add water to the potato mixture, and let sit for 5 minutes. Then roll out the balls – it is supposed to make 10. Then I add water to the batter mix and roll the balls in the batter.

Then I coat with breadcrumbs and after all this I deep fry in oil. Yes — deep fry in oil.

You shouldn’t be frying too much, even at home. When you do fry – make it healthy and not potato flakes.

It took me about 10 minutes to make these patties. They aren’t  bad in taste but you need some type of chutney or sauce, which will add to your calorie intake so keep that in mind. Each one of these little patties has 120 calories and obviously you cannot have just one – you need at least 2-3 to curb your hunger. So that is 360 calories(before frying), not including the sauce of 3 patties.

Are these calories worth it — let’s see what’s in this packet.

The ingredients are:

Potato flakes(58.75%), vegetable fat(8%), maltodextrin(5%), dehydrated vegetables(green peas, carrots, capsicum, French beans, onion bits), cheese powder(4%), salt, tomato powder, red chili flakes, oleoresin, white pepper powder, turmeric powder

You really do not want to be eating potato flakes and unknown vegetable fat — fried!

 Bottom Line – Avoid. If you are going to fry something, make it healthy – vegetable pakoras are better than is. If you are really craving potato patties and cannot make them at home, buy them. Remember, only once in a while!

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