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  • Rita Date

Britannia’s Ragi and Oat Biscuits

Britannia is marketing their Ragi and Oat Biscuits as “diabetic friendly.” Are they?

Firstly, no food is totally restricted  for those with diabetes. However, how many carbohydrates are consumed are an important factor in controlling diabetes and maintaining good health.

Weight, gender, activity level and age all play a factor in the amount of carbs allowed for diabetics but on average 30-60 grams are allowed per meal and 15 grams per snack. Three of these biscuits contain 16 grams of carbs so remember only 3 biscuits is the limit for carbohydrates.

This unfortunately is not smart snacking — neither filling nor nutritious.

Biscuits are high in carbohydrates because of the flour and sugar. Ragi and Oats are healthy grains but not when it is mixed with a slew of preservatives and non specific oil. Read more about biscuits here. Moreover these biscuits contain only 34% ragi or oats which is mixed with 29% maida. The remaining ingredients are edible vegetable oil, emulsifying agents and chemical preservatives.

Sucralose, better known as ‘spenda’ is the sweetener used in this biscuit. I don’t believe you should use this product too often, but occasionally having a few biscuits is acceptable.

Bottom Line: Lots of marketing lingo on the packet which are technically true — no cholesterol, no sugar, no trans fat, extra dietary fibers. But a commercial biscuit is a commercial biscuit and can never be healthy!

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