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Cold Pressed Juice


Raw Pressery Juices are fantastic – I tried the starter kit where you get 2 juices a day for 3 days. I replaced most of my dinner with 2 juices(but had a glass of milk before bed because I felt some hunger pangs). I felt lighter  for sure, but I am one of those people that like to chew their food –no liquids for me. But somehow I loved these juices. It was a change in my eating pattern where I usually eat incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables. With these juices I did not have to think too much, and it is something I may do again in a couple of months.

There are currently 7 flavours of juice and the company plans to add more. My favourite is almond milk – it’s like a dessert juice!

The juices are cold pressed — cold pressing is process where no heat is used when extracting liquid. When juice is put through a mixer or similar machine for example, there is heat involved and this heat changes the nature of the product. Cold pressing requires no heat so the product stays in tact with minimal nutrient loss.

Raw Pressery delivers in Mumbai and Pune and the products are full of nutrition and no preservatives.

Bottom Line:

– Consult a nutritionist or your doctor if you are going to go on a juice fast or cleanse.

– Juices remove fibre and which balances the natural sugars. Diabetics should not have only juices.

– You don’t need to cleanse/fast or just have juice. These make excellent snacks. They are filling and easy to carry.

-The downside of these juices is the cost. At Rs. 150 per bottle, it is not cheap (there is  a discount on bulk orders). However considering the quality and real veggies and fruits that go into the product, plus delivery, the cost is reasonable.

– Like all my reviewed products, I purchased the juices, and was not paid to write this. RealfoodIndia wants the consumer to know what bad as well as good food products are available in the market.

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