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Divya Gugnani’s “Sexy Women Eat”

Part memoir and part diet advice, this book is luckily a quick read. The weight loss advice is useful if you can put it into practice. The author gives some common sense tips on how to maintain your weight even with a busy schedule–just like she has. Her ‘media culinary brand,’ calls for quite of bit of eating and drinking on the job and Divya has been forced to find ways to keep her weight in check.

American born, Divya Gugnani went to Cornell for her undergraduate degree, went to  Harvard business school and did a stint on Wall Street before venturing out on her own. The language of the book, however, does not demonstrate Divya’s Ivy League education. I think Divya and Rujuta Diwekar of “Don’t Lose your Mind, Lose you Weight” fame are friends. The writing styles of the books use the same colloquial language which is my main complaint about the book. It is just too casual and you feel like you are reading a cheap novel.

But overall the book is worth a read if you are trying to lose weight. The tips are well documented and there are some healthy recipes worth trying. I have tried the “Muffins that Won’t Give you Muffin Top” recipe and they came out quite good.

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