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GORUS — Organic Veggies in your Inbox

Gorus Organic Farming Collective delivers fresh vegetables, rice, sprouts, paneer, chutneys and pickles to your doorstep. They recently have begun bok choy, zucchini and lettuce. The convenient online order form comes to your inbox and allows you to order the quantities you need. Delivery is by area, once a week. Ashwin Paranjpe, who runs the collective, works with farmers in Mulshi taluka and Shirur to teach them sustainable organic farming methods. He began by cultivating crops on his own plot of land and showing farmers that chemical free methods of farming are possible and fruitful.

My domestic help does not understand why the tomatoes do not look red or the onions are smaller than usual. “Why do you pay more money and get inferior goods,” they ask. Organic is not a word that they understand and with food inflation the way it is, a little chemical fertilizer for them does no harm if the produce is less expensive. The fact is that Gorus is not expensive. Their prices are about the same as what you find in the market, perhaps a few rupees per kilo more. The extra money is well worth the product and delivery. If there were any defective produce then you can tell them this in the order form for the next week and they reimburse you the money. If you are interested in this service send a mail to

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