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  • Rita Date

Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Alternatives from Nature’s Basket is a set of savoury products nutritious snacks. Chana Jor is flattended roasted jowar grains seasoned with lime, Red Lentil Mix is a mixure of masoor dal, bajra grain and melon seeds seasoned with various masalas, and Chana Dal in both lime and masala flavour are a few items in the product mix.

There appears to minimal oil and the grains and dals are healthy with fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates. These snacks are not going to taste as good as your favourite fried muthias, chiwdas or shev but they are much better for you. Store bought namkeen is actually toxic with all their trans fats and unknown oils.

masoor dal
chana dal

These days namkeen and such snacks are not eaten infrequently and have become a part of the daily diets of many — an unhealthy trend that can be seen in our obesity rates. Healthy Alternatives are aptly named as they really are a good alternative to store bought fried snacks.

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