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How will we feed 9 Billion People?

How will we feed them all?

This is a case for practicing and teaching our kids urban farming…they will never go hungry. Two billion more people will be roaming this earth in only 40 more years. Excerpt from the article below:

Fewer hamburgers: Can’t imagine this one will go over well, but the authors do suggest that people will probably have to reduce their meat consumption slightly to feed nine billion people. This doesn’t mean going vegetarian.

A recent study from Germany’s Potsdam Institute found that if everyone had a diet equivalent to eating meat three times a week, it’d be perfectly doable to feed nine billion people and rein in some of the gruesome excesses of factory farming. But if the whole world adopted a Western meat diet, we’d need to start razing forests for additional land—three million square kilometers all told, an area about two-thirds the size of the current Amazon rain forest. (Or, who knows? Maybe by 2050 we’ll all resort to in vitro meat instead.)

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