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Mindless Eating by Brian Wansick

Mindless Eating

is not a diet book – it does not tell you what to eat or give you low fat recipes. The book points out hidden cues that make us eat more than what is necessary and thus causing weight gain. Finishing

your kids’ leftovers, eating more while watching TV, and finishing a bowl of peanuts just because the bowl is in front of you are all examples of mindless eating. We are not tuned in to our mind or body and therefor just eat without thinking.Author, Dr. Brian Wansick, a food psychologist at Cornell University has conducted several experiments and studies on what triggers overeating. The book explains the reasons we tend to overeat and gives tips on how to overcome those triggers. For example, recognizing the difference between no longer feeling hungry and feeling full. Wansink also suggests serving 20 percent less food at mealtimes. How – by serving it on smaller plates and hiding the difference. He also suggests that when eating out, in addition to the main meal; choose only two items from appetizer, drink and dessert instead of all three. He also gives tips on how to cut 100-200 calories a day without making an impact on your psyche or hunger.The book is an eye opener and gives us insight on our eating patterns with hardcore research as backup.

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